Beverly Hills, CA; January 21, 2014: 

Ping Mobileâ„¢ today announced the release of the proprietary PingCubeâ„¢ platform, a revolutionary 3D mobile unit designed to boost mobile advertising ROI. 


By displaying interactive content in a six-sided cube format, PingCubeâ„¢ makes the most of mobile devices’ compact touch screens. Consumers can spin cubes with a quick swipe, allowing them to view six different pieces of content by tapping on any pane. 

Ping Mobile

Panes can feature virtually any content, including landing pages, full web sites, videos, social profiles and pages, lead generation forms, app downloads, m-commerce stores, click-to-call widgets and more. Built in flexible HTML5, the cube can be updated at any time to ensure the latest and most relevant content is being displayed. 

Users can also save cubes to their mobile devices with a single click, which adds a branded icon to the home screen without advertisers hassling to create a full app; once saved, consumers can click the unique icon to revisit cubes and access updated content. 

In beta testing, PingCubeâ„¢ provided dramatically improved conversion rates and engaging user experiences. Click-through rates nearly doubled when simple display ads included simulated cubes rotating, and post-click ad engagement ranged from 2-5 times the rates of traditional mobile landing pages. Ping Mobile’s SVP and CTO, Isaac Naor stated, “We were thrilled although not surprised by these results, but the clients we beta tested with couldn’t believe the difference (in results). Based on this preliminary testing, several of Ping Mobile’s Fortune 1000 clients plan to launch PingCubeâ„¢ units within the next month.” 

Naor continued, “The power of PingCubeâ„¢ is in its intuitive simplicity and ability to give choice back to the user. Aggregating multiple social channels into one engaging unit enables users to consume an advertiser’s content in the format they want — be it a Facebook page, a video or even an app download — while allowing brands to spend their advertising dollars effectively, fusing multiple digital and social channels into one tool and directing users to it. This approach is unconventional yet intuitive, increasing user engagement and conversions for brands.” 

In the words of a senior executive of a Fortune 100 company to whom the cube was demonstrated, “This is a game changer.” 

Marketers can access a demo of the PingCubeâ„¢ by texting CUBE to 74642 (message and data rates may apply). 

About Ping Mobile: 

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