Piqora, which was formerly known as Pinfluencer is expanding its social media analytics services beyond Pinterest to include Instagram and Tumblr. Brands like Crate & Barrel and AMC have been beta-testing the engagement stats platform and 360i will bring to use Piqora’s new tools for the digital shop’s aims. 

An algorithm-based system lets the marketers to see important information from Instagram and Tumblr’s image-heavy platforms. A few of which include: 

1. Post by post engagement and hashtag data. 

2. Real-time audience reach and aggregated audience interests. 

3. How often their brands are mentioned and competitor’s engagement rates. 

For the recently launched video feature by Instagram, marketers can seek stats from top videos from their profile, top videos that are tagged with a hashtag that includes the brand name and a list of video contributors. If you are wondering how people manage to increase their instagram likes or followers quickly, you can do the same via http://buyinstalikes.com now. 

SharadVarma, the CEO of Piqora said that his analytics platform also gathers viral data for almost all famous brands. While Facebook remains a walled garden, Verma said “Open social channels like Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr allow for cross-pollination of brand-related content that otherwise goes unnoticed.”In addition to this, “We’ve found 11 percent pins on Pinterest, for instance, originate from Tumblr” he added. 

Moving forward, expect a vendor-based land grab in the analytics space for emerging channels like Instagram and Tumblr to increase rapidly in the coming weeks. Final fall, Union Metrics unveiled a Tumblr data platform while Nitrogram recently debuted subscription packages for Instagram analytics.