China; 30, January 2015: Natural, organic and chemical-free products are lots in demand among the modern consumers across the globe. From cosmetics to medicines and pesticides, people prefer to use products that are free from any adverse or side effects. This is the reason why numerous companies across the world are endeavoring to manufacture products that are green, eco-friendly as well as effective for the mankind. And China based Plamed Green Science Limited has emerged as the best source to provide a variety of active organic ingredients, necessary for the production of organic medicines, pesticides and cosmetics. 

The company is announcing high quality extract powder for sales for organizations that are engaged in the production of natural products, from cosmetics to medicines. The spokesperson of the company reveals that they have a variety of extract powders that could be used in the production of weight loss supplements, sex medicines, animal medicines, cosmetic products, natural pesticides, anti-oxidation supplements, cardio cerebro vascular medicines, medicines for cancer and tumors, drink additives, and other products. With the help of the latest technological tools the organic components are extracted from plants and seeds. 

According to the spokesperson, the demand of Piperine has grown manifold in the recent years, because of its amazing medicinal properties. It is extracted from Black Pepper, which helps in the absorption of Vitamins, Selenium and Beta-Carotene. It is found in the form of yellow or white crystalline powder and has varied applications in anti-aging and immunity boosting products. Plamed Green Science Limited can supply Black Pepper extract powder in any quantity at any time to the worldwide customers. 

In the recent times, people have become more sensitive towards the environment, and this is the reason why organic pesticides are in great demand all across the world. Plamed Green Science Limited offers natural active components that can be used in the production of natural pesticides. These pesticides are harmless to the environment, and farm products are also free from the components that can harm the people who consume these products. With a range of organic components, the company aims at fueling the growth of the organic product manufacturing sector. To learn more about the product they have in their portfolio, one may visit the website 

About Plamed Green Science Limited: 

Plamed Green Science Limited specializes in researching and developing natural active ingredient extraction for more than 10 years. They are a famous international enterprise for the extraction of plant active components. They have provided a lot of high-quality natural medicine, natural cosmetics, natural pesticides, natural feed and veterinary drugs raw materials for many countries all around the world. 

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