Plamour has recently come up with a new collection of shirts that is designed not just to cover the body but also to make the body look more desirable. Fashion bloggers have even referred to it as the cheat’s way to look fit. Experience over the years has shown that women are attracted to well-built men. There is nothing more attractive to a woman than a physically fit man covered underneath slim fitted formal shirts. The Plamour slim shirts are guaranteed to make even an obese man look a lot thinner than the original size. 

The Plamour slim fit shirts are not just for formal wear. The collection consists of casual shirts as well as sporty ones. Whether it is for an executive meeting, or a date or a casual outing, this online store has it all. Each shirt is designed to compliment certain body parts while at the same time hiding the imperfections in the body. The sleeves of the shirts are cut in such a way to showcase the arms, which give the illusion of well-built biceps underneath. The waist is cut in a certain shape which is spacious enough for a bulging tummy yet slim enough to make it look narrow and hence toned. 

With a single Plamour shirt, it is well worth every penny paid for by the customers. Plamour believes that there is a shirt for every body shape and size. To help customers get just the perfect shirt, the online store has customized its website. Now customers can shop by category and get personal tips to buy the perfect fit. Since making its customers look their best is the priority of the Company, the site also offers dressing tips. With the choice of the customer’s shirt, the website will match it with a series of different dressing styles. Most of the slim fit shirts sold at the store are versatile enough to be worn with anything. For more information please go to 


Plamour is a shirt boutique based in New York City. It offers an endless collection of fashionable yet comfortable slim fit shirts. The shirts are made of the finest quality Egyptian cotton and other fabrics. The store costume sizes its shirt through the internet with the help of its size guide.