One of the major costs involved in growing plants is the cost associated with heating. Plants need heat to grow properly and farmers sometimes find it very expensive to supply proper amount of heat for the desired growth. Greenhouse heating provides a perfect solution in this regard. Combining this form of heating with greenhouse irrigation not only offers the right growing environments to the plants but also saves time and cost for the farmers.


Plants, when they absorb light, trigger the process called photosynthesis. Through photosynthesis glucose is created and this glucose provides the required energy for plants to grow. Along with water the other components required for plant growth are water and nutrients. In a natural environment plants absorb light from the sun rays and water and nutrients from the soil. But there is no control over the growth of plants in such a natural environment. However, when the growth of plants happens in a controlled environment the absorption of light, water and nutrients is allowed in a pre-decided manner. This is when you get to hear terms like greenhouse heating and greenhouse irrigation.


A greenhouse is a structure inside which plants are grown in a controlled environment. Depending upon the size of the farm the size of a greenhouse can be decided. So, you get to see small greenhouse sheds on one hand and those large industrial size greenhouses on the other hand. The advantage of a greenhouse is that the farmer can control what they want to grow and when. The natural elements are supplied in a controlled environment so that the plants grow as per the requirements of the farmers.


Greenhouse walls have two properties — they are transparent on the outside and they are partially opaque on the inside and this is what manages greenhouse heating. The sun rays are absorbed by the walls and they come inside the greenhouse to be absorbed by the plants. However, the heat is not allowed to completely dissipate outside due to the opaque nature of the walls. Thus more heat is retained inside the greenhouse and this reduces the cost of supplying heat to the growing plants.


An irrigation system is a huge necessity inside a greenhouse because it is managed in a controlled environment. Greenhouse farmers chalk out irrigation plans where each and every plant receives the right amount of water and nutrients. Greenhouse irrigation is what this is. One of the forms of this irrigation is drip irrigation where water and nutrients are allowed to drip slowly and reach the roots of the growing plants. The amount of water and nutrients that drip can be controlled and this again means that the whole growing environment can be controlled. Moreover, this also saves cost for the farmers because there are no unnecessary losses.


You can find a lot about greenhouse heating and greenhouse irrigation online and there are specialized websites where you can buy everything associated with greenhouses. A well controlled greenhouse means better growing plants and more money for farmers.

Greenhouse heating and greenhouse irrigation are absolutely necessary for controlled plant growth inside a greenhouse.