Peterborough, UK.
Biomass is making significant gains over other fuel as more and more people turn to processing their own.  Throughout the process, supplies of water and its storage are imperative for cleaning purposes.  Peterborough-based Enduramaxx is providing more and more organisations with the means to collect and store large quantities of rainwater, as well as storing waste water correctly.

With more inventive methods for turning biomass or biomass residues into liquid fuels, many more organisations are creating their own pyrolysis oil, which, although has half the energy content of diesel, makes use of otherwise discarded biomass.  It also produces far less emissions throughout and has an overall smaller carbon footprint.  Pyrolysis oil can be used directly in boilers and turbines and it can also be upgraded using hydrogen chemical processing.

Rainwater is an ideal source of water for use throughout many chemical processing activities and Enduramaxx rainwater tanks store the roof run-off from large buildings.  The large plastic water tanks are made from a single piece of rotationally moulded UV-stabilised polyethylene, therefore, they store rainwater at optimum conditions.

Waste water used throughout many chemical processing stages must be stored safely also, thus reducing the possibility of it making its way towards water supplies and the wider environment.  Therefore, Enduramaxx storage tanks are an ideal tool for this purpose.  Made to the same high standards as Enduramaxx water tanks, large storage tanks ensure that dirty water is kept secure until it can be disposed of through the correct, safe and legal channels.

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