Which was the first video game that you every played? Mine was large, it had a console, which had to be connected to a TV set and I needed special cartridges to play the games I loved. Video games have come a long way since then. Games like Road runner, Super Mario and Congo have given way to multi player online games like Halo and Battlefield that are filled with some most awesome graphics and stories that will keep you obsessed.

Today players can be busy from across the world by linking computers and other devices to each other to build public and private networks. To play these multi player games there is a need of a host server or a game server that provides virtual space and executes the programs that are required to play the game by players.

If you too are in to playing multi player games and have a team or clan, you should get in touch with game Service Provider or GSPs. They will allow you to lease game servers and games and use several internet tools to configure the games that you want to play and even make changes to them. You can select from two kinds of servers - Listen Servers and Dedicated Servers.

Listen Servers - These servers are connected through LAN and do not need the use of the internet. In this case a player can play the game and be the host at the same time as well. The flip side is that if the player is terminated from the game, so is the host.

Dedicated Servers - These servers are separate from Listen servers. They are separated from the client and players. They are far away and located at data centres controlled by companies who own game titles and control the game content making modifications to he game from time to time.

Depending on your budget and how involved you are in gaming, you can choose from expensive and heap game servers. These can be hired alone, or you could bring together a team of gamers, make a clan and rent it out together. If you select to build a clan, you will have to appoint a leader to run the server. Since there are few people associated, everyone can chip in towards getting an expensive server for advanced gaming experience.

Multi player games are interesting, and when you have your friends involved, it just gets more entertaining. So go ahead and find the best game server provider for your needs and keep gaming.

Deepak Khanna

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