The design and creation of Moral Conflict series of team strategy board games, Moral Conflict 1941, Moral Conflict 1940 and Moral conflict 1939, incorporated detail understanding of the world at war in one of the most atrocious periods of human history. As all major global powers engage in the moral conflicts of good and evil, righteousness and wickedness, they must develop strategies considering multiple dimensions to defend their land and to win their causes. Warfare, resource allocation, and supply logistics, diplomacy and alliance, technological advancement and moral principles all contribute a power’s final struggle for their world dominance or, simple survival.

Moral Conflict series of problem-solving games, located on the web at , enable users to either relive history or change history as each players step into the world stage of a given year and take on the role of a major power. A great detail of realism comes to live as players fight battles on land, air and sea, while allocating gold, oil, iron, and food to support the warfare as well as home economic development. Moreover, players must also weight its investment in technology development while watch its back for back stabbing by low-moral allies. The depth and true-to-life play can be enjoyed as seen on

Mr. Paul Comben, an English fan, recent reviewed all three problem-based learning games as seen at on May 18 at According to Mr. Comben, none of the new WW2 games "have the scope of the Moral Conflict series, which takes you beyond the maneuvering of units and abstractions of economics and morale, to present the life essence of the last world war in a design concept which, to be frank, has moments which touch upon a genuine presentation of genius and complete originality."

Mr. Comben's assessment points to one of the strongest features of Moral Conflict: the five dimensions of play that include military strategy, economic crisis, technology race and, of course, moral conflict. For more information, see

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Playford Games offers Moral Conflict, a series of games based in the World War II Era that offer five dimensions of play. Players will enjoy the depth of thought and strategy required to succeed in these games, which offer a great opportunity to refine critical thinking skills and enjoy multi-dimensional play with others.

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