It has been recorded that among the service industry, the job of the plumber has changed the most over the years. This comes in tune with the constant improvement in the city drainage system, demanding better professionalism with each passing year. Today, the simple task of installing the water supply network takes a lot of complicated work and professionalism.

Paris reports that Plumbing Philippe Moinaux has been one of the few in the plumbing industry that has managed to keep a close track of the changes over the years. The Company’s team of professionals has been most effective in improving its service, in tune with changing times. The Company first caught the entire city’s attention when it started its 24 hour service, catering to all types of emergencies at all times. It has its branches in all parts of the city, making sure its emergency services are availed to all of Paris.

Despite the drastic change in Paris’ plumbing over the years, reports show that some problems remain the same. The Company reports that a large number of people call them to fix leaking pipes. While any plumber can fix this problem, not all can fix it permanently. It has been estimated that a household wastes over hundreds of liters of water through a leaking pipe in single week. This accounts for uneven distribution of water in the city, and also a large amount of water bill. The plumbers at Plumbing Philippe Moinaux do not just change the leaking tape.

 The Company understands that getting to the root of the matter will help fix the problem permanently. In most cases, a leaking tape is caused by the accumulation of limestone or other types of impurities on the flat portion of the tape in which it rests. The plumber will get rid of the impurities in the tape, making sure the problem does not occur again. For more information please go to


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Plumbing Philippe Moinaux is one of the most sought after plumbing companies in Paris. The company offers 24 hour emergency service to all parts of the city.

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