Reports show that the French consumes about 60 m3 of water per year on an average. This is considered high when it comes to consumption of water. Water is considered the most important in life, where wars have been fought over water disputes. Today, the most urgent challenge in Paris remains the need to save water and stop wastage.

The latest estimate shows that water is wasted more through leaking pipes. People are not aware of the fact that the little drops of water leaking from the tape amounts to thousands of liters wasted. With global warming and uneven distribution of water all over the world, there is an urgent need to fix this problem. The Company named Plumbing Philippe Moinaux has embarked on a mission for rapid and effective interventions so that no household in Paris wastes water thorough leaking pipes. With a 24 H / 24 7 / 7 emergency service, the Company has helped households save tons of water.

The troubleshooting emergency service offered by the company has helped many in desperate situations like flooding due to a ruptured pipeline, blocked drainage, and others. The Company stands as one of the most acclaimed in the plumbing industry with its passion not just to cure but also to prevent. Local residents of Paris have reported that any problem fixed by the Company’s plumbers does not reoccur again while other plumbers only offer temporary relief.

 Plumbing Philippe Moinaux’s plumbers does not only fix leaking tapes and pipes but is also well adapt in fixing home appliances like heater and air conditioner. Among many, one of the Company’s most acclaimed service is its 24 hour troubleshooting service. Some problems need to be fixed immediately. Residents can call the Company’s help line and get free professional tips to fix emergency leaking pipes and floods.  For more information please go to


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Plumbing Philippe Moinaux is one of the most sought after plumbing companies in Paris. The company offers 24 hour emergency service to all parts of the city.


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