08, August 2015: Fall is the perfect time to learn and practice traditional yogaasanas with Tony Sanchez, master of postural yoga from the Bikram-Ghosh lineage. Learn and practice the Core26+, Core40 or Ghosh's 84 Asanas with Tony Sanchez.

The Bikram-Ghoshlineage of postural yogacombines the science of breathing exercises (pranayama) and postural yoga (asanas) to develop the body’s flexibility, fitness and strength. Tony Sanchez trained with Bikram Choudhury from 1976 to 1980, when he was certified by Ghosh's College of Physical Education, in Calcutta. Since then, Tony hastaught thousands of students and practicedmore than 10, 000 hours. He is the most experienced and knowledgeable yogi from the Bikram-Ghoshlinage. Experienced practitioners, instructors and aspiring instructors should not miss the Tony Sanchez Yoga fall workshop series. Enhance your personal practice, improve your teachings or become an instructor by completing independent study courses and activities for a letter of validation for teaching. Workshops are limited to 30 yogis each.

Core26+ (http://84yogis.com/core26) - 16 -21November 2015: Polishing the Jewel - Bikram's 26 postures 'plus' a series of upper-body asanas from Tony's level one systemfor beginners and intermediate practitioners. Practitioners and instructors willdevelop a sustainable, therapeutic practice. Learn to modify or intensify the Core 26 postures (asanas) as needed. Instructors will have a competitive edge over other instructors. Learn about the Ghosh lineage.

The Masters' Core (http://84yogis.com/masters-core), known as Core40 - 23 November —5 December 2015 - for intermediate to advanced yogis and yoginis who have the option to complete independent study courses and activities for a letter of validation for teaching. The Core40 system is currently practiced and taught around the world. It can be modified or intensified to fit the needs and abilities of the practitioner or student.

84 Asanas - Advanced Practice week (http://84yogis.com/advanced-84-asanas), exclusivelyfor advanced practitioners - 7 - 12 December 2015. This intensive week is an experience that will enhance the practice of advanced practitioners from any lineage. It is not a teaching workshop. Learn the joys of solo practice.

For more information about Tony Sanchez Yoga workshops, applications, Tony Sanchez Yoga and his other online subscriptions including a video library, e-course: Home Practice Primer, and more, visit www.tonysanchezyoga.com

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