New UK urban pop rapper, Romeo Reggz has just announced that his first solo single recording is set to be going to the record stores in August, 2015. The name of this tune is ‘No Model’ and has kept him quite busy in the studio this year.

However, in more breaking news from the prolific tune-popper, he also announced that he is releasing his first unique cover song; a rendition of Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ hit. This has many fans worldwide waiting patiently to catch the first copies of this long-awaited production.

Romeo Reggz, who is now just 22yrs old, currently resides in live in London and frequents the cutting-edge music scene there. He was previously signed to a record label as a member of a noted boyband but now he’s decided to go solo with his music career.

Romeo stated that he will be performing in many venues starting at the end of the July; fans are asked to watch for events near them.

Reggz has been rapping since he was 14yrs old. His recent graduation from university and the hectic schedule there, now allows him to focus more on his music career. As he starts it: “I’ve finally found time to get into the studio and get some singles ready to release this year.”

Looks like his fans could not be happier.

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His facebook page is or instagram @romeoreggz.