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Columbia, SC — PopUpDisplay.com is an online seller of pop up displays specializing in easy to assemble custom pop up displays for trade shows, community gatherings, and office lobbies.  The appeal of pop up displays is self-reliance — they weigh between 35-95 lbs in weight and most can be assembled without any tools.


Trick 1: Lightest Pop Up Display

Do you need a display which you want to transport yourself even in your mid-size car?  Do you need it to be light enough to place it in your car trunk and take it out without wrinkling your clothes?  Fabric pop up displays are ideal fit for customers looking easy to transport pop up displays. Optional hard case with wheels can further help with transportation. You can even assemble these fabric pop up displays in 2-7 minutes and still look sharp and ready to greet your customers.

Trick 2: Make your Pop Up Display More Readable and Attractive

As visitors walk by your booth, they take a few seconds or couple of short glances at your display to decide if they want to stop at your booth.  Ability to highlight your main product or service, or your unique value proposition at a first glance can enable the visitors to stop at your booth. PopUpDisplay.com offers fabric side panels in multiple colors to help highlight a message in your graphic.

Trick 3: Be Green

Is your old pop up display sitting in a corner gathering dust?  Pop up displays are designed to be reusable.  Our USA made pop up displays are designed for multiple uses and come with an option to order replacement graphics year after year.  Don’t let your old pop up display gather dust, order replacement graphics for your next show at PopUpDisplay.com and enjoy substantial savings over a new display.

Treat: 10′ Fabric Pop Up Display for $549

Are you in a hurry?  These Vecro* friendly pop up displays are key to fast customization.  You can attach printed graphics from a local printshop to the fabric pop up display using Velcro* fasteners.  For the next 3 months, you can enjoy a black colored fabric pop up display for a low price of $549.

About PopUpDisplay.com

PopUpDisplay.com, a company in the printing business for 45 years, operates an ecommerce store specializing in pop up displays. Using digital printing, the company produces numerous types of displays, for trade shows and other events. Company is proud to provide superior customer service, quality printing on a timely basis and at a reasonable price.

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