Recently, Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooter appears in high-ranking radio talk show named Eye103.8 of Dubai. In a manner of speaking, it is a kind of affirmation for Airwheel’s unremitting efforts and a kind of appreciation for Airwheel spirit behind its products.

When mentioning Dubai, many people would come up with a lot of high-end things in this place. As a program specially introducing the most popular and fashionable things among the world, Eye103.8 of w0nborgul Dubai makes a delicate presentation of Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooter to people recently. It is really a honor for Airwheel to be introduced to the listeners all over the world.

In the program Eye103.8 of Dubai, some useful tips and advice about how to protect the environment are given. One of them is to drive environment-friendly traffic means, Airwheel intelligent electric scooter. Nowadays, Airwheel has become one of the most universal transportation on Dubai roads. In addition to the feature of environmental protection, Airwheel could minimize the odds of traffic jam happening. Flexible in mobility, its small body also reduces the traffic accidents. Above all, Airwheel really has a promising future in the whole world.

All of these days, Airwheel marches on with the goal of going onto the world stage. After long-time painstaking research on scooter, Airwheel has successfully launched some series of electric scooter and acquired the high praise from the users. And then, Airwheel gradually moves toward the world, and increases its market share in the worldwide little by little. Now, in the radio program Eye103.8 of Dubai, Airwheel has been introduced to the listeners as an popular environment-friendly traffic means all over the world. It could be regarded as a kind of affirmation and support for Airwheel in a sense. And it is also a kind of appreciation for Airwheel studying spirit behind the products.

Actually, Airwheel is not only producing traffic means, but also inventing entertaining instrument and environment protecting tool for people in some ways. Devoting itself to improving people’s living quality, Airwheel never slackens its efforts slightly. In the future, Airwheel would practice environmental responsibility as always to launch more series of intelligent electric scooter for people daily use.

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