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Julian Wines, as seen at , is expanding its market into 18 states with its new online shopping capabilities through a partnership with VinoShipper. Customers may now purchase any of the varietals Julian Wines offers and have them shipped to any one of 18 states that allow direct wine shipment.

Owner Myles Franklin says, “I’m excited that Julian Wines can now be purchased online from our website and shipped to 18 different states. It’s a very big deal. As a growing brand we needed to make our products more accessible and we’ve done just that.”

Julian Wines is targeted to artists and enthusiasts who enjoy indulging in the simple luxuries of an artistic lifestyle. Like the culture that the brand represents, each varietal exhibits subtlety and imagination. Described as the "next big thing" in wine, Julian Wines is becoming the leading new vintner in the artistic community. Franklin has promoted Julian Wines through a variety of platforms, including social media. Now, with the addition of online ordering, Julian Wines is poised to move from a regional brand to one that is nationally-recognized and enjoyed all over the country.

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About Julian Wines:

Julian Wines is the creation of award-winning television producer Myles Franklin. Julian Wines represents simple luxury as well as the entertainment lifestyle experience and culture. With the addition of online capabilities for ordering in 18 states, Julian Wines is poised to become a wine brand enjoyed all over the country.