If you are on the look out for a watch that will impress you, one of the first things you need to look for is the places it has been and the people who wore it. High quality is the only thing rich people and celebrities go for and this is one of the reasons why you can trust the brand you are going for and this is where we will talk about one of the best.


The creations of Louis Moinet are among the most appraised options you can go for, but here you will learn about the places they have been. There are a lot of people who appreciate them, but when you look at the unveilings it has had over the years and the people who attended and were impressed by it, you will know it is one of the best options.


There are a lot of creations Louis Moinet has come up with over the course of time and all of them were able to impress with the design and the features they were able to offer. Even if you may have a few options at hand, the one that you can admire most especially with the message it wants to send is the one named Geograph Rainforest.


One of the presentations that you will be impressed by when it comes to the Geograph Rainforest is the one in Malaysia. The top management was at the unveiling and his majesty the Sultan of Perak was among the people in the crowd who were very impressed by the model due to the fact that it was meant to preserve the tropical forests there.


There were a lot of other names from the royal family present at the unveiling like the king and queen of Malaysia and you can be sure the Geograph Rainforest could not have been in more select company. More than 1000 people were at the event and all of them showed a lot of interest with the creations that came from a very popular brand.


There are a lot of other royal members around the world who have shown a lot of interest in this watch and they have been photographed while wearing it such as the Sultan of Perlis. One of the iconic names in the music industry, Julio Iglesias is also a great fan of the watch and he was also one of the people who appreciated it during his travels.


If you want to know more about Louis Moinet brand and the position it has on the market as well as the models that you can get from them as well, you can visit the site louismoinet.com for more details. This is where you will be able to see the experience they have in the field as well as the models you can make the most of from their collections.


A lot of people want to find the best watches they can wear and Louis Moinet is a brand they can rely on. If you do not know what option you can go for and if you want to check out the most famous creations they have in stock, the Geograph Rainforest should be on top of the list since it has been on the wrist of kings from all over the world as well.