Show your dad just how much you love him this Father’s Day with a stylish yet essential pair of Sport Sunglasses.

June 15 2016 — With father’s day just days away, we have the perfect gift for dads that like to be outdoors!  Smart Choice Fitness’ Sport Sunglasses have received rave reviews recently on the selling platform Amazon, and the company is pleased to announce that their stock has been replenished in time for Father’s Day!

‘We were a little concerned that we would not have sufficient stock in readiness for Father’s Day, given the popularity of our sport sunglasses’ says Nigel Piper of Smart Choice Fitness, ‘However we have managed to get stock available for customers in the nick of time!’

The sport sunglasses have been receiving rave reviews over the last couple of months, customers in particular liking the wraparound protection and durability of the glasses.  They are a 5-star product thanks to over 250 reviews from happy customers.

‘I was extremely impressed with these sunglasses. Love the wrap around frame. Cuts the glare really well.’ commented one customer; ‘Very well designed, cover the eyes to reduce the chances of getting unwanted light in your eyes from top to bottom and side to side’ commented another.

‘I have tried these for several days now in varying amounts of sunlight and conditions, and I really like them.  They block glare and direct sun well on water (pool or the lake), and they also do very well when driving.’ said Geoff, another satisfied customer, ‘…they also have a nice sporty look.  My teenager has allowed me to try them out, and now she has claimed them as her own for sports’.

The sports sunglasses are made from polycarbonate plastic which makes them extremely lightweight and also very durable.  Their wraparound design creates protection against the sun (as well as dust and insects) from all angles, and they also stay securely in place.  These features therefore make the glasses suitable for numerous outdoor activities including high impact (such as running), cycling and contact sports.  Not forgetting they are stylish just to wear as a pair of sunglasses in their own right!  As an added bonus they come with a protective hard case and now a cleaning cloth too, and are available in three different colors.

‘Affordability is key with our sunglasses’ states Nigel Piper, ‘we want to bring consumers a fantastic product that will not break the bank.  We have addressed many issues with these sunglasses, including providing vital UV 400 protection, and as an extra bonus a case and cleaning cloth.’

If you are interested in treating your dad to a pair this Father’s day please visit their Amazon page by clicking here:

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