Portable fire extinguishers play an important part in keeping Canberra area businesses safe. FCF Fire Protection Canberra helps businesses make sure they comply with the law and are prepared to handle emergencies that may arise.

Fires can quickly destroy property and take people’s lives. Fire extinguishers are an important part of any business and should work properly and up to code as outlined by the Australian Standards 1851-2012.

“Undertaking regular maintenance in line with an industry-wide standard is one way of enhancing the reliability of fire protection systems and equipment that benefits all stakeholders,” states Fire Protection Association Australia in its position statement supporting 1851-2012

A community’s fire authorities must inspect a business and determine proper safety measures before it opens. Fire authorities decide if portable fire extinguishers are placed in the proper places.

Businesses must maintain portable fire extinguishers regularly and have them tested by an individual qualified to test fire extinguishers. If a fire extinguisher has been used, it must be refilled or replaced.

Portable fire extinguishers should be tested every six months by professional testing services. Five things that fire extinguisher testing should cover include making sure that:

- Fire extinguishers are placed in a designated space that is easily accessible.
- Legible instructions and a nameplate face outward so they can be read easily.
- Safety seals and other tamper indicators are intact and not broken or missing. Fire extinguishers must not have any physical damage like leaks, corrosion or clogged nozzles.
- Extinguishers are full or close to full.
- The pressure gauge on the extinguisher are within operable range.

FCF Fire Protection Canberra has offered quality customer service and professional fire safety advice to customers in the ACT and surrounding area since 2014. FCF Fire Protection Canberra professionals are knowledgeable about the Australian Standards for fire safety. They will do a complete walk through to determine where to place extinguishers in area businesses.

The company will also guide business owners on issues like developing an escape route and placing smoke detectors and alarm systems in areas where they will keep employees and customers safe.

Australian businesses must meet legal requirements for public buildings and workplaces when it comes to fire safety. FCF Fire Protection Canberra makes sure that businesses and organizations are fully compliant with fire safety regulations.

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