Vectra 3D Imaging creates a 3D image of the face and breast, allowing patients to see potential plastic surgery results before undergoing surgery.

Portland, Oregon — Portland board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Kathleen Waldorf of The Waldorf Center for Plastic Surgery believes that the smallest of details affect the overall result of any plastic surgery significantly. That’s why the center offers Vectra 3D Imaging as part of their plastic surgery consultations.

Vectra is a 3D simulation that creates ultra-high resolution 3D images of a patient’s body presenting the exciting possibilities of their simulated aesthetic procedures from face, body to breast. During a Vectra 3D consultation, a 3D camera will take a series of photos to create a three-dimensional image of a patient’s body. Using the 3D ultra-high resolution image, the patient and the surgeon can have an in depth conversation about setting attainable goals and see an estimate of procedure results. The image can be modified to help patients understand their own anatomy, discuss their aesthetic goals and meet their pre and post-operative expectations. Vectra 3D is used for facial cosmetic surgery and breast procedures such as breast augmentation.

In an educational video, Dr. Waldorf highlights the importance of Vectra 3D to the practice. She outlines all the benefits of 3D imaging in helping patients achieve the most flattering and desired results. “The Vectra 3D imaging system is a powerful tool that improved my communication with patients to help them reach attainable and natural results” says Dr. Waldorf.

The entire process is very short and straightforward, a Vectra 3D picture session follows the initial consultation to help patients see the potential results of the surgery from all angles. From there, the surgeon will discuss the details of the images to the patient and provide answers to questions and other concerns. Dr. Waldorf believes that Vectra 3D helps frame the discussion regarding the effects of a certain plastic surgery procedure.

Are you interested to find out how Vectra 3D Imaging can help you achieve the results you want? If you are located in the northwest areas of Beaverton and Portland, Oregon, Dr. Waldorf and her team of board-certified plastic surgeons invite you for a consultation today. Click here to schedule your consultation.

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