As dog owners, we have the responsibility to take great care of our pets and to keep them happy and healthy. This is a bit more difficult than it sounds because having a dog is pretty much like having a child. You have to spend time with your dog, interact and find a way to bond with him, make sure he eats properly and take him out to interact with other dogs. Also, if you are not pleased with his behaviour you should consider resorting to Dog Training Cheshire. Training your dog from an early age is highly recommended and Puppy Training Cheshire services are in high demand these days.

You should make time for your dog; pet him, play with him, take him out and do everything you can to consolidate your bond. You should cater to your dog’s needs and you should enjoy every minute you spend with it. Dog ownership is a wonderful experience and the more time you will spend with your dog, the more you will love him. Dog training has come a long way and nowadays there are various Dog Training Cheshire techniques you can opt for. Training methods are classified by the way they address behavioural issues: some of them are based on learning theories and others on canine ethology.

The main Dog Training Cheshire methods based on learning theories are: traditional dog training, positive dog training and mixed training techniques. Some dog trainers use positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement and punishment to educate dogs. Traditional dog training makes use of negative reinforcement and punishment; during such training, instructors will use choke chains, prong collars and electric collars. The result is that the dog is physically forced to perform a certain behavior that is expected of him until he learns this behaviour. Positive training on the other hand is fun and it is also known as reward-based training.

This Puppy Training Cheshire method has several advantages: highly reliable trained behaviors, no need to physically force your puppy and the training process is fun and fast. Mixed training methods use both positive and negative reinforcement and they are less severe than traditional training. Moving on to training methods based on canine ethology, we should mention that they revolve around the idea that the owner is the leader of the pack.

You are the one to decide what type of training you want for your puppy and how much you can afford to invest in it. Nonetheless, you should take the time to become familiar with the available techniques so that you make an educated decision. After all, we are talking about your dog’s well-being and happiness. Puppy Training Cheshire is an excellent choice and you can rest assured your puppy will enjoy his training sessions. The trainers working here are dog-loving persons who will treat your canine friends with respect and kindness and they are sure to teach them to behave properly in a fun manner.

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