Orlando, FL — October 7, 2015 — A surgery is one of the most popular solutions for individuals who are suffering from arthritis. Surgeries are believed to help sufferers experience a pain-free and functional life. While a surgery is helpful, the struggle doesn’t end there. Recovery is almost always a long process, and sufferers need to be well-aware of what they need to do.

Post-surgery guidelines released by The Arthritis Foundation include the things that sufferers should expect after a procedure. Once they leave the hospital, it’s when the recovery period starts.

According to healthcare providers, there are milestones that arthritis sufferers need to achieve after the surgery. They include being capable of getting in and out of bed, being able to walk with a walker, and to do recovery exercises.

Individuals who just had a total knee replacement surgery are usually made to stay in the hospital for three to seven days. Those who just had a total hip replacement are made to stay up to ten days.

Doctors believe that individuals who just had a surgery should be capable of moving their joints. This can significantly help them heal and regain their strength. A Continuous Passive Motion Machine (CPM) is often used to aid sufferers with regaining their ability to move their legs. This machine is especially designed to gently move the limb of the sufferers to encourage circulation and reduce swelling.

Recovery exercises are highly recommended after the CPM. These exercises include pumping or rotating the ankles to encourage blood flow through the legs. There are also orthopedic physicians who recommend the use of glucosamine after a surgery, such as a knee or hip replacement procedure.

“Glucosamine supplements are widely available nowadays, and are believed to be helpful to arthritis sufferers,” said Divine Bounty spokesperson, Melissa Scott.

Glucosamine is a naturally occurring substance in the body. However, as a person ages, the glucosamine levels tend to reduce. Taking glucosamine supplements is believed to replenish this loss.

Glucosamine is believed to help repair damaged cartilage and enhance overall joint health. When taken, many people believe it is helpful for regaining the health of their joints. Glucosamine is not just popular among individuals with arthritis, but also those who engage in intense physical activities such as athletes.

Individuals who just had a surgery may take glucosamine supplements. Glucosamine is widely believed to be a safer alternative to pain relief drugs. The best glucosamine supplements nowadays are those that contain Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), which is a natural ingredient believed to have joint health benefits (amazon.com/Glucosamine-Sulfate-Supplement-2000mg-serving/dp/B0126ZF0B0/).
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