It has been widely observed that the past few years have witnessed a decline in the emergency electrical services. The discontent among the municipality of Cape Town has cropped up after a number of accidents happened in the last few years owing to the negligence of electrical issues.

A prominent Cape Town electrical service provider has recently launched new emergency services in order to lessen the number of accidents caused due to electrical problems. According to the company’s spokesperson, the company has made a huge investment. This huge step has been taken with an aim to make their service available round the clock. With this new service offered at, residents residing in Cape Town can now get instant access to electrical services even under emergency situations. Regardless of where the prospective client or an individual is located, a qualified emergency electrician will be sent at the caller’s doorstep within 15 fifteen minutes.

The company has announced to the residents residing in Cape Town that the company will be posting some of their qualified electricians on a standby mode regardless of what the situation is so that the public can get access to the best electrician in emergency circumstances. The company has made clear that the best electricians will be needed the most in emergency situations. All the company’s personnel have collectively decided that the practice of letting interns to take emergency calls should be stopped right away as soon as possible. The company’s spokesperson has revealed that the experiences in the past years has often indicated that under emergency situations, an inexperienced hand or a wrong move can result in even more harm. Electrical accidents have caused injury, huge damage of property as well as deaths. This new service has received positive response from the community in the first few weeks. For more information please visit


The company is one of the top electrical companies in Cape Town. 


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