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PR 24x7 Network Limited — fastest growing PR Company of India defines PR in new way

Public relation, the oldest practice of developing relation between an individual or an organization with their audiences is the first industry of the universe. According to Hindu mythology, saint Narad was the first public relation person of the world, who proved power of power to all living beings.

Time proved that public relation is without any doubt the most powerful source for development of relation. Neither an individual nor organization can achieve goals without support of proper PR, and only a competent PR company can do it.

During past 25 years, every one understood importance of public relation and used it in reaching various targets. While a politician uses PR in communicating his views to public, an organization opt PR for making reach of its product to that section of users, for which it is made. Thus PR is the only important tool to brand individual and organization.

There was a time when people for development of their business were relying upon the traditional mode of advertisements and marketing only, but when PR entered the arena, every entrepreneur followed it and made success through wide range of PR. Now public relation is not only the most effective measure to develop relation but became an independent industry at globe. Many PR companies across the world are extending services to their clients.        

Atul Malikram, Director PR 24x7 Network Limited says “If some body asks me about my passion, I will immediately reply that nothing, except PR. Being a great lover and  man made of PR, I have been approached by many PR aspirants to know more and more about it, and  frankly speaking, I  every time find myself short of words to justify their queries. PR itself is a very vast and unpredictable subject and needs timely updating with regard to its significance. However as I have been successful in bringing amazing results to my clients through PR, I have tried my best to reply few questions of PR aspirants, including new clients also.

Frequently asked questions on public relation (PR):

Q.1. what do we understand from public relation?

Ans. Public relation is a way or practice by virtue of which relations are being developed by individual or organization with others.

Q.2.How can we develop relation with those, who are unknown to us?

Ans. By using PR as source in effective manner.



Q3. What is difference between PR and advertising?

Ans. PR is based on building relationships and generating goodwill, which leads to credibility. If a newspaper article mentions utility of some product, that article carries more credibility instead of an advertisement on that same page.  

Q.4. what are aim of public relations in business?        

Ans.  The aim of public relations in business by a company often is to persuade the public, investors etc.  to maintain a certain point of view about it, its leadership and products.

Q5. How do your company help your clients to reach their targets?

Ans. First we understand the company and its product, and then make strategy to make its access to audience via press releases, press conferences etc.

Q6. What is press release and how does it act?

Ans. Press release is an article framed to showcase significance of an individual or product of an organization with intention to deliver the message to diverse targets. If a press release is prepared keeping in accounts all the things which a client intent to communicate to target audience , the same leaves great impact on readers.


Q7.How one can know if his business is right for PR?

Ans.Marketing and public relations often takes a back seat to other business priorities and companies are rarely publicized to consumers at their full potential. Good PR is the most crucial aspect of developing a new or growing business. PR can help businesses raise product awareness, build name recognition and valuable company credibility. 

Q8. Whether we have to send out product samples?

Yes! If you offer a product and want the press to recommend it to their readers, you have to let them test it out or view it in person. The cost to ship out samples is well worth the possible results and getting in the hands of influential editors is a highly coveted and rare opportunity.

Q9. Are you taking guarantee of sales?

The purpose of PR is to raise awareness, build brand recognition and company credibility — NOT drive sales. Although an increase in sales is often a result of PR, it is never guaranteed nor should be the focus or goal of a PR campaign. What kind of press should I expect to get? The level of press coverage varies greatly depending on product quality, availability, timing, trends and several other factors. With PR, it is impossible to determine the size, content or placement of your product in any media outlet. Unless otherwise agreed upon, we will go after all sectors of media including Print, Online and Broadcast. Due to its popularity, it is likely the majority of press coverage garnered for our clients will be in print outlets such as national magazines, regional magazines and newspapers as well as their online equivalents. 



Q10. By what time  will one notice results?

PR is a  process that takes some time to see noticeable results. Online press coverage is often the first to appear, followed by newspaper and broadcast coverage.  Once the press coverage begins to hit the public, it can still take some time to see noticeable results. Often times, the first thing you’ll notice is an increase in Web site traffic. Top quality press coverage has the ability to reap benefits for years to come.

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