PR 24x7 NETWORK LIMITED has substantial reasons to be leading public relation firm of the country


In view of growing needs of public relations, many public relations firms emerged on the scene across India and other countries of world. Though the concept seems easy, but equally difficult to transform it into a tool to assist the end user in achieving goal. The very purpose of utilizing public relations is to help clients of varied sectors to establish relations with target audience, and the firm providing PR services must have all measures to stand to the expectations of clients.

Alike selecting a real life partner, selection of a real Public relations firm is critical. Neither an individual nor a group can taste the desired success without support of a real public relation firm. After viewing secrets of PR, many PR outlets have been opened not only in our country but all over the world. Most of such outlets remain in the scene for short period and leave the ground after some time. We cannot rule out possibilities of loss of voluminous amount of customers by these people, and that too without any result.

It is true that effective public relations play a major role in developing relations, but when the task is handed over to an inexperienced or less qualified person or PR firm, the image of client instead of creating good, could be affected adversely. Such time being PR firms include persons , who are less qualified and have been with some PR agencies  as staff or associates for some time, and after learning the preliminaries of PR, pose themselves as experts and decide to establish their own concerns. They manage an office on rent, purchase a laptop, take internet connection, and presume that a new PR firm is launched and now it is the turn of customers, who will approach them for branding. When their expectations are not fulfilled, they prefer to approach those customers who were in contacts with them, while working as staff or associates with well settled PR firms. Some customers owing to previous relations think of obliging such persons, but when results are not arrived, they not only lose money, but image also.   

Under the circumstances one must be very careful in selection of a PR firm. A real PR firm is that who:

Is headed by PR skilled person

Is having team of equal caliber

Has own office and net work

Has a strong media relation

Has provided substantial results to clients   

PR 24x7 Network Limited qualifies all requisites and claims to be the real PR firm. Established in 2006 at Indore Madhya Pradesh, company is capable to understand needs of customers and providing satisfactory services to them. The success did not come easily. Company is headed by academically and professionally qualified person also appointed highly qualified staff. Each staff has become master in field of working.

The firm provides following services:

Relation management

Digital PR

Releases in Urdu news papers

Press conferences

Press releases

News tracking

Issue management  




- ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company.


- SA 8000:2008 Certification for Implementing Corporate Social Responsibilities.


- Outstanding Communication capabilities.


- Ranks among the leading and most respected public relations Companies in Hindi belts


- Sound knowledge of mainline, business, trade and specialist media throughout India.


- Excellent relationship with journalists at all levels: publisher, editor, senior correspondents and reporters.


- Long standing personal association with the media community enables us to pitch well to the right journalism and helps in getting information about features and stories being   planned.,


- Exhaustive up to date all India databases of journalists covering various sectors from print and electronic media and wire agencies. 



To know more about real PR, please contact

Atul Malikram


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