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Hello! Are you in hurry?

I asked a gentleman who was driving his car rashly and would have damaged rear of my car badly, had I   not made him alert, timely. The gentleman felt guilty and apologized. We both shacked hands and were in a restaurant for tea. After exchanging introduction, he told me that he was in hurry as he had to reach office of a PR company, which was almost finalized for PR campaign of his company.

I do not understand that why this gentleman is so much eager to appoint a PR company. Whether that is the only PR company which impressed him to take the hasty decision? Although I have not heard much about public relation companies, but recognized few for excellent work, therefore, asked the gentleman to share his views about that PR Company which he was going to appoint for his company. At the outset, he took little time, but when I made him clear, that I am not a PR representative, then only he was ready to reply my queries.


Following were the questions which I put before him:


Why do you need a PR agency?

PR is about creating dialogue with audience, provoking them to react and interact to our brand in a positive way to build interest, trust, and raise awareness.

A PR agency can provide our business with a skill set that may not exist in-house or bolster an in-house team without increasing headcount. With the help of a good PR agency, we will have access to a wide range of customers.

How much does PR cost? 

PR agencies typically charge by time with a standard day rate for retained clients and a rate for businesses that prefer to work on a project basis. 

There is no set fee for the cost of a PR campaign.  It is determined by PR services used to achieve your business goals.    


How will we know if we are getting value for money?

A PR agency provides a transparent PR plan inclusive of output deliverables and coverage targets agreed in advance.


How is PR measured?

Ultimately by the results PR companies generate for their clients. Media coverage is obviously an important metric; however it is also the impact on the other customer touch-points that need to be monitored such as website traffic, prospect enquiries, event attendees, supporters, and sales. 


Any other aspects leading you to take early decision?

No. But I have heard that the proposed PR Company is providing good services to clients, so I also thought to take a chance.





From above interaction, I came to know that the gentleman is though aware of the basics of PR but not of other factors, essential to estimate competency of PR Company. Since I am a businessman and have been taking services of many  PR companies, for business promotion, but found PR 24x7 Network Limited  as my last destination. The company with sound knowledge of subject,  dedicated team , 24 hours working, strong network and other necessities required for a good PR company  is capable to fulfill requirements of clients from diverse sectors. When I shared my experience with him, he heard me patiently and assured me to postpone his meeting with PR Company he desired to visit.


I was thrilled to have his phone call the other day. He was satisfied with what I suggested him to   review his decision. He thanked me a lot for directing him to a capable pr company in the form of PR 24x7 Network Limited.


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