Lila Sanacore's career as a massage therapist began in 1993 in New York. She started out working at a five star hotel on Long Island. She administered a relaxing and therapeutic massage to the guests of the hotel. Later, she was hired at a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinic where she worked for nearly ten years as a medical massage therapist. She worked in conjunction with a Physiatrist and a physical therapist to assist in-patient rehabilitation.

That is where she learned the valuable technique called Neuromuscular/Trigger Point Therapy. It is a therapy that is used to promote healing for soft tissue injuries as well as chronic pain issues. She enjoyed working at the clinic and had good results in helping the patients to feel better.

Although she always considered herself religious, she never gave a thought to praying for the patient before, during, or after the massage. That is, until she moved to North Carolina. She noticed a change in herself right away. She loved how the Southern culture was so openly faithful. It was refreshing to hear people proclaim their love and devotion to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

She continued in the field of massage therapy, working at a chiropractic clinic in Charlotte. It was around that time that she felt compelled to pray for her massage clients. She started to pray silently outside the door of the massage room. She always asked God to guide her. Whatever the client needed, God would know.

She began to think about involving the client in the prayer. They would humbly ask God to step in as His natural role of Healer. Around that same time, a lovely Christian couple who are massage clients of hers gave her a beautiful Christmas gift. It was a study Bible. The inscription brought her to tears. It said, "Lila, we so appreciate the ministry of your work. You have blessed us immeasurably. I so appreciate the sweet spirit that permeates your room, from the hymns to your words of encouragement. Thank you for blessing us!”

That was it! She knew right then and there that God was whispering to her soul. She was to focus the massage with prayer and ask the client to pray with her before and after the massage. They would humbly ask God our Father for healing in the name of His Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

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