Tibet - Many foreigners have consigned their Chinese friends about www.gladvoyager.com the chine voyage in Tibet. The Tibet is the most famous area with such long history. The most famous factor for the culture of Tibet should be the Tibet Buddhism. However, the Tibet is also a very sensitive area in China. If people want to have tourisme chine in Tibet, they should first know some information and precautions for this area. Today, the most famous agence de voyage chine which website is www.gladvoyager.com would let people know about these actors.

If people want to enter into the Tibet, they should follow with their tourist group. This rule should specially refer to people who are not the Chinese civilian. All of foreigners should not travel into the Tibet with the name of self-tour and free vacation. However, they should contact with the local agence de voyage chine. The travel agency would provide with people all kinds of tour packages such as accommodation, tour guide, car and circuit sur mesure chine.

On the other hand, all of foreigners should know that they should apply chine voyage for the approval letter for the Tibet entering. However, they also need to prepare their tourist itinerary, passport and color scan file for the visa. They could send these documents by Email. This is not very difficult for these people who want to have tourisme chine.

The tourist guide from website www.gladvoyager.com which is the best Chinese travel agency has told people that all of tourists should choose the travel visa when they determine to have chine voyage. On the other hand, if they choose another type of visa such as work visa, business visa and study abroad. They must provide with the proof with the official seal of schools and other companies.
owever, the foreign correspondents and diplomats could not have the right to travel into Tibet. This is the strictly rule of Chinese government. These kinds of people could not have any luck mind. If they have smuggled into Tibet, they would face with the serious consequence.

For the normal visitor who has their own circuit sur mesure chine, they should also pay more attention that they should obey the arrangements of the agence de voyage chine. This point is very important for these people.

No matter what kind of situation, people who want to have travel in tourisme chine China especially in Tibet should obey all of factors and rules above. The selection for high quality travel agency such as gladvoyager would be the chief factor which people should take into account.

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