Smoking has singlehandedly taken over millions of lives over the past century. Till today, it remains one of the deadliest addictions in the world besides alcohol. However, one of the most alarming effects of smoking is the danger that passive smokers are put to. Scientifically, it is said that passive smokers suffer the most.

Today, smoking has become as much a psychological demand as it is a physical demand. Various researches made on smoking addiction have revealed that it is the raw tobacco content in the cigarette that is the real cause of the problem. Today, attempts are made to make smoking as less fatal as possible. One of the major attempts being the introduction of the e-cigarette. Many people today are trying to replace their tobacco stuffed cigarette by electronic cigarettes. Therefore, for, this has been one of the best alternatives for the regular cigarette. They are smoke liquid which is vaporized in the atomizer. This offers the sensation of smoking to the regular smoker yet saves them from the dangers of tobacco. With the high demand in the market, there are several top brands exclusively manufacturing e cigarettes like Jac Vapour, Red Cig, Ciggys, Cigees and others. one of the reliable sites that review the latest e cigarette brands available in the market today.

Healthier Smoker, an Irish based brand is one of the highest in demand in the market today. The popularity of its e cigarettes owes its credit to the tobacco flavors it puts in their smoking unit, making it a more realistic alternative for the chain smoker. The brand offers a wide array of flavors to choose from. The Reg Cig has made itself a name in the market by its ingenious way to replicate the exact look of a cigarette. Reports show that the customer base for the e cigarettes have increased considerably over the past few years. For more information please go to

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