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Are you a small or medium enterprise owner on the Australian east coast who is looking for direction in how to use online marketing resources for building your online presence or attracting new customers?

Eye Candy Media , a web design and development firm in the Brisbane metropolitan area, offers small business owners free consultations about how effective social media usage can increase their online visibility. The firm’s team of experts will diagnose your digital marketing needs, assess potential solutions, and then craft a comprehensive social media campaign that is customised to your industry specifics and business demands. They will also inform you of surprising, unconventional ways which you can use social media to generate stronger revenue streams.

Additionally four comprehensive social media packages are offered for full social networking coverage and increased visibility to customers searching for information online.

“A large potion of local businesses in Australia use online marketing strategies such as social media marketing, SEO, PPC, and others to attract greater consumer attention — or in other words, traffic — to their websites,” said Jayde Mihan, Director of Eye Candy Media. “An effective social media campaign will increase your rankings on search engines, drive more traffic to your business website, and give you more avenues to engage your customers and learn what their needs are.”

“It’s a win-win situation for you and your customers — your customer base gives feedback on what they think of your products or service, which you can then tailor your offerings to, and you get increased opportunities for generating leads and converting leads to sales,” Mihan continued.

Online marketing trends are increasingly driving business marketing campaigns toward content marketing. That is a marketing type that seeks to supply customers with answers to questions they have about a product or service, or information that informs customers of how that product or service can fulfill their consumer demands. Effective content marketing — especially in social media channels — need be engaging, to-the-point, and informative to help establish local businesses as experts in their local markets and communities. That reputation will in turn attract more customers to their brick and mortar locations or e-commerce stores — and cement the loyalty of existing customer bases.

Because they wear so many hats, small and medium enterprise owners often have little time to devote to social media marketing, especially to learning best marketing practices and implementing them. That is where Eye Candy Media offers local businesses value — their team will craft customised solutions fitted to your exact needs, and will take time to ensure you understand every facet and detail of what is involved. Their services include social media profile and campaign creation, implementation, and management, meaning they deal with every detail and free you up to focus on increasing your profitability. Eye Candy Media will ensure your brand is represented well, your values are solidly conveyed, and the benefits your products or service offers are clearly and effectively communicated. With a track record of effectively helping hundreds of companies in dozens of industries with their social networking needs since 2004, Eye Candy Media is the choice of many businesses along the Australian east coast.

Eye Candy Media offers comprehensive packages for each of the four dominant social media platforms, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Linkedin. A comprehensive package incorporating profile and content creation for all four platforms is also available. More in-depth information can be found on Eye Candy Media’s “Social Media Marketing and Management” page.

Additionally, on Eye Candy Media’s website savvy business owners can services for quality web design and development options, engaging mobile-friendly website creation, attractive and informative sales and marketing video materials creation, and reliable domain registration and hosting services. An extensive portfolio is available for client viewing to illustrate Eye Candy Media’s creativity, ingenuity, and innovation in design and esthetics.

About Eye Candy Media

Eye Candy Media is one of the leading web design and development firms for small and medium businesses along Australia’s east coast. Located in Brisbane, the firm has created and implemented more than 500 eye-catching, engaging websites for hundreds of businesses in multiple industries since 2004. All of their services emphasize customer functionality and convenience, and being easy to use. The firm is also completely committed to 100% customer satisfaction and needs fulfillment. Please visit the listed website or call for more information.

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