09 August, 2014: Your bed isn’t complete without a proper mattress protector. Home owners with pets and kids need to buy a mattress protector for their mattress, the consequences of not having one can be expensive. 

Your mattress, which is one of the most expensive items in the home, is often also the most neglected. It is only when an accident such as spillage, bed wetting etc. happens that owners realizes they should have invested in a protector. The cost of a mattress protector is so minimal to protector against these incidents. The good news is now; the dilemma has come to an end. 

The premium quality mattress protector offered by Thema Home addresses some of the many annoying concerns mattress owners face every day. Not only does the protector repel any moisture and keep the mattress safe, it also contributes to your families health by providing a good restful night’s sleep. 

For those who are very sensitive to temperature fluctuations or simply being hot at night, this mattress protector will help keep you cool and sleep comfortably. For those who are concerned about bug infestations and bed bugs, this protector offers adequate protection. And, for those who just want to extend the life of their existing mattress and want to protect their investment, there is nothing better than the Thema Home mattress protector. 

Saving for a mattress can cost a person a big part of their monthly income and it is recommended to spend a good money on a mattress. At the same time, not having a protective layer on top of a mattress can expose it to numerous threats which can leave the mattress stained, old and uncomfortable over time. 

Also, with the problem of bed bugs growing, measures have to be taken to ensure protection. The mattress protector from Thema Home is a true blessing in disguise because for under $50 customers can benefit from all its protection benefits. 

About Thema Home Mattress Protector: 

This mattress protector comes with its lifetime satisfaction guarantee. It is 100% waterproof, hypoallergenic and totally eliminates dust mites and bed bugs. Perfect for summer as well as winter and, there is never a better time to purchase this protector than now as it is 10% off. Use promo code JJO3E2MY to access further savings. 

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