Easthampton, MA - December 1, 2015 - The Presentation Training Institute has targeted New York and Washington DC as key training cities. “We are seeing a steady increase in interest for presentation training in New York and Washington DC.”, states Training Coordinator Lauren O’Boyle. Companies in these key cities are seeing business growth and are beginning to understand the value of providing professional Presentation Training Seminars to boost their teams’ skills in this competitive market. “Our goal is to provide unique and customized presentation training seminars to each client. The content can be tailored to the specific needs of your organization, creating a powerful and relevant presentation training experience for the participants. It’s all about understanding the role and needs of the participants in the Presentation Training Seminar” states Director of Learning Suzanne Guthrie. Both New York and Washington DC have a variety of organizations and industries that could benefit from a Presentation training seminar. “The Faculty at the Presentation Training Institute understands the long term value presentation training can have on an organization. “Many of these organizations in the cities we target have global entities as well” adds Ms. O’Boyle. “With this in mind, there are numerous opportunities to take our powerful presentation training overseas” she adds.

“In addition, Presentation training courses are one of the most powerful tools for improving the ability to educate, inform and sell” Ms. Guthrie adds. The Presentation Training that is the Institute’s signature program, Powerful Presentations is requested continuously by leaders who are looking to significantly improve presentation skills for both themselves and their staff. This experiential program is trending in both New York and Washington DC and we expect to see other key cities surge in 2016.” This presentation training program is tailored to the level of experience of the participants, which makes it highly effective. “Whether delivering to seasoned staff or younger members of the workforce Powerful Presentations is a presentation training workshop that will have a positive impact on performance regardless of one’s role in their organization” remarks Suzanne Guthrie.

About Presentation Training Institute
Established as a global learning company, Bold New Directions and its subsidiary, Presentation Training Institute differentiates itself from competitors by providing experiential training courses like their most popular presentation training courses Powerful Presentations and Executive Presentations. The presentation training seminars transform the way executives influence clients, colleagues and employees. Whether you are looking for an onsite presentation training seminar in New York, Washington DC or other key cities across the US or abroad, please contact 1-800-501-1245 and we would be happy to coordinate that with you.

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