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Louisville — Karl F. Hollenbach’s new World War II memoir preview of H-0945, is now available through the CreateSpace’s online preview system.

Hollenbach’s autobiographical memoir is available as a preview by publisher Books, Authors, and Artists. The preview can be found on the CreateSpace website, , ahead of the official release of the book in a few weeks.

H-0945 provides a unique view of the end of World War II in the own words of a common, “every-man soldier.” The story follows Mr. Hollenbach from the start of his training and through his travels in Europe. Fascinating recounts of conversations he had with POWs, occupied-territory civilians and others are a publisher’s specialty.

Astrid Gay, book publicist for Books, Authors, and Artists, says, “This is something that is becoming rare and precious: the recounting of one important moment in history in the words of someone who lived through it. We are very much hoping that many people will take the opportunity to retrace the steps those soldiers took so long ago.”

Karl F. Hollenbach is currently selecting more memorable photographs to include in H-0945. His publisher, Books, Authors And Artists, is planning on including 45 to 50 relevant photos taken almost 70-years ago.

About Karl F. Hollenbach

Karl F. Hollenbach served as a sergeant with the U.S. Engineers during last months of World War II, before working first in the retail sector for 20 years and then re-careering to education. He has authored over 15 books, both fiction and non-fiction, in his writing career.

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