Airwheel has launched a new type of vehicle—electric unicycle X3. Thanks to its affordable price, classic outlook and thoughtful details, it has become the primary choice for beginners.

Since it was launched in April, 2013, Airwheel electric unicycle X3 has become a hit among consumers. Over the past two years, it has sold well in the market. Due to its affordable price, classic outlook and thoughtful details, it has become the primary choice for those who just begin to learn riding scooters. Today, let’s learn about the magic of the altxexeee unicycle.

Airwheel electric unicycle X3 is the first product launched by Airwheel, which has extraordinary significance. In terms of color, there are two colors—black and white. The consumers can pick the more suitable one based on their own tastes. In the aspect of battery, there are two sizes—130wh and 170wh for consumers. Consumers can choose whatever suits them better.

Apart from its classic outlook, the quality of the self-balancing unicycle has been strictly reviewed and inspected, which ensures the safety of riders to the greatest extent. The range of the scooter X3 is 15 to 23 miles which depends on the battery size. The scooter is able to reach 18 miles per hour and bear a weight of 120 kg. With its top quality battery, it has rather low electricity consumption for one hundred miles.

Another factor making Airwheel single-wheeled scooter the primary choice for beginners lies in its affordable price. Since Airwheel is devoted to providing everyone the high-quality scooter at the best price, Airwheel has set quite a reasonable price so that common people can afford one.

Besides, Airwheel electric unicycle X3, weighing only 9.8 kg, is so light that even girls can easily lift it up. When it is no more needed, the riders can just put it away without worrying about parking places.

As to scooter beginners, the first one scooter doesn’t need to be very expensive. Otherwise, they can’t master how to ride it while being afraid to break it or have it scratched. It can’t be of poor quality because safety always comes first. What they need is a reliable and inexpensive electric scooter with the best performance. On that account, Airwheel electric unicycle X3 undoubtedly becomes the primary choice for them.


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