Sepanjang, Indonesia, 22/03/2014: Cardboard boxes are widely used throughout the world, mainly for the purpose of packing goods before shipment. Apart from that they are also used for storing household items as well as packing goods while moving house. Primary Dinastindo is one of the leading manufacturers of pabrik Karton box of various shapes and designs. The company is based in Indonesia and has quite a few factories spread out throughout the country and specializes in the manufacture of cardboard boxes. The cardboard boxes manufactured by the company assures customers of highly quality and durability for safe transportation of the goods. Different types of cardboard boxes are available from the company catering to the varying demands of clients all over the world. 

Primary Dinastindo jual karton box are manufactured using the most advanced technologies and equipments to ensure that clients get full value for money. The corrugated carton box is the main product developed by the company which is basically a container developed from corrugated fiberboard. These boxes are primarily used for the transport of warehouse products and are manufactured according to the items to be shipped within the containers. Folding carton is another product manufactured by the company which is basically used for Christmas or birthday gifts and tends to be much lighter. The set-up boxes also known as rigid paper boxes are manufactured by gluing leather to paper which can either be colored or printed. Unlike folding boxes, these boxes are a bit expensive and used for transporting valuable items like small consumer electronics, watches or cosmetics. 

Pabrik karton box from the company is available in different varieties which include regular slotted container, over flap slotted container and center special slotted container as well as full flap slotted container. Different boxes serve to different needs of the customers and can be ordered depending on the requirements. For instance, the regular slotted container is the most commonly observed cardboard box throughout the world where the flaps meet at the middle. These boxes are used widely for transportation of goods to different parts of the world. 

The company has been operating in this field for more than thirty one years and the cardboard boxes manufactured by them are highly preferred by clients throughout the world. More information about the company and its products can be obtained by visiting The company also takes custom orders from the customers where there might be a requirement to include some logos or designs in the cardboard boxes depending on the customers demands. Damaged or faulty cardboard boxes are immediately replaced by the company and they maintain a strict quality procedure to ensure that cardboard boxes developed are of the highest quality standards. 

About Primary Dinastindo: 


Primary Dinastindo is an Indonesian based company specializing in the manufacture and distribution of high quality cardboard boxes throughout different corners of the globe. The company has vast experience in the industry and assures customers of a reliable and safe service.