SINGAPORE - In today’s fast moving, complex and busy world no one has sufficient time to sit back and celebrate the precious moments offered by time and luck. Instagram and other social media sites allow users to share their pictures or videos with friends and relatives, but usually these captured events or moments will be left confined to these online networks. Portagram allows one to create beautiful stories out of photos from Instagram easily at affordable prices. People who are interested in creating long-lasting memories for all beautifully treasured moments can order at print instagram photos from Twelve instagram printing are available to customers by Portagram for 6 US dollars.

Portagram will deliver orders mainly on three paper types, which include Standard, Classic and Premium.  The Standard paper type has vintage finish and it is said to create a feeling of old school days or the good old days. The Classic paper type bears a modern and white glossy look, while the Premium type offers a silvery, shiny or matte-finish look. Minimum orders required to be placed via is 1x Roll; each roll of film holds 12 pictures. Customers from Singapore will be provided free shipping facilities by Portagram.

The website says, “Portagram specializes in printing quality Instagram products using only the finest materials, we create top-notch products at an affordable price.”

Potential customers can visit the Facebook and Twitter pages of Portagram to gain an insight into the quality of work offered. Registered users of will be allowed to track the status of each placed order. Buying good quality of instagram printing appears to be easy and simple with this service provider. The exclusive services of Portagram help customers to preserve and cherish all wonderful and nostalgic experiences of life.

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Portagram is committed to providing good quality instagram printing to customers. Photos from Instagram accounts can be easily converted into the printed form with the help of Portagram’s services.

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