One of the biggest and most prized lift in the gym is the Deadlift! A pro lifting technique to achieve a better result has been revealed and it is easier than you might think.

Deadlifts are one of the fundamental lifts that effectively use all muscle groups. Typically leg, core, back and shoulder strength is areas which aid this movement. However, one area many people often under estimate and find as a limiting factor is forearm strength and grip strength.

Being able to grip the bar correctly and maintain a strong grip can often mean the difference between lifting an average weight and lifting a heavy weight. It is no surprise that in many cases gripping the bar can become too hard or simply slip out of your hands when more weight is added.  

So how can someone avoid having this happen and reach their full potential for one of the king lifts?
While lifting aids such as straps, belts and chalk can assist spending time on improving grip strength is essential. Isolating your forearms and fingers using hand grippers is a effective an easy way to do this.

Hand Grippers that have a strong level of resistance such as Supreme Squeeze are a easy and simple solution. Many professional lifters will spend a lot of time getting the correct grip to help them reach their full potential when performing in competitions. However, a lot of technique and isolated training is essential to be able to hold the bar with confidence.

Hand Grippers engage several small and often overlooked muscles within the hands, wrist and forearms. The body is designed to cheat so because these muscles are so small they often do not need to work. However using a hand strengthening tools and spending a few minutes a day isolating this area will help to see results.

This simple and small motion of squeezing a hand gripper will have various positive effects beyond assisting you with lifts. It is suggested that using hand grippers one a day for a few minutes will help you to see results.

Supreme Squeeze also provides training tips and materials to assist anyone in improving grip strength with some simple workouts and example of other grip variations that will help to engage different muscles and enhance your motor skills.

So the next time you are chasing a PB take the advice from the pro lifters and focus on the small and often overlooked areas such as grip strength, so you too, can lift heavy.