A major railway line has announced an 11 million francs profit in the first semester of 2013, due largely to goods transportation and the ever reliable skiing trips to the Swiss Alps offered by companies such as Ski Plan

The railway line reported a turnover of 77.4 million Swiss francs, due to higher traffic revenues for the Jungfrau line. This represents an increase of 2.6 million in comparison to the 2012 fiscal year, leading to the company recording an operating profit of 14.9 million and an EBIT margin of 19.3 percent. The beginning of the winter ski season is always crucial to revenue for the region, attracting guests from the rest of Europe, many of which on organized trips with companies such as Ski Plan. This year is no different. In July and August, which is the busiest season with the best weather for Jungfrau, 281,901 people travelled on the line, a recorded 6.6 percent increase from the previous year. 

The average profit per visitor in Jungfrau has also been attributed to the significant profit increase in 2013, with the district continuing to benefit from excursion traffic in the previous financial year. Despite the decrease in overall visitors in the first half of 2013 in comparison to the the previous year, with only 334,200 coming through the on the Jungfrau line, a higher average yield per guest could still be achieved. Flourishing business connections with Asia have been attributed to the continued good attendance in this period. 

Good skiing conditions in the winter season led to a good economic turnout for the company, with the Swiss Alps attracting more visitors despite many Swiss residents choosing to spend their holidays abroad. Continued good ski conditions in Jungfrau have proved crucial for the company, who have a 66 percent revenue share in the region, due in part to companies such as Ski Plan operating some of their most popular holidays there. From January 1st to the end of the ski season, Jungfrau received 916,100 visitors, marking an increase of 1.6 percent in relation to the previous year. 

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