BEIJING - China is the fastest growing economy in the world and is the second largest after the United States. China¡¯s huge economy is valued at around $7 trillion. Growing at a rate of 10 % per annum, the Peoples Republic of China is strategically poised to become world¡¯s largest economy overtaking the US by 2020 if the present trends continue. Growing importance of Chinese domestic consumption to the world economy with the added incentive of China as a low- cost production base has encouraged a large number of international companies to set up business there.

The migration of companies naturally brings about migration of work force in large numbers to the place. Companies face many problems initially in rehabilitating relocated personnel. It creates difficulties both to the employer and the employee. The HR department of companies is hard pressed to find fast and lasting solutions to difficulties they have not come across before. This is mainly because the company and the personnel both have to grapple with a cultural, professional, and business environment they are totally unfamiliar with. The wide cultural chasm only contributes to the difficulties by directly affecting the work and business ethics that is practiced by a society whose values are very different. Culture is a kind of collective mental programming that distinguishes one group of individuals from another. Absence of an understanding of the cultural mores will only add to the tribulations of transition.

Finding the right accommodation for the expat worker is a daunting task for the employer. There are many park avenue beijing fine accommodation arrangements in Beijing including villas, independent houses, and apartment blocks in addition to service apartments which combine the advantages of both a luxury hotel and an independent apartment, but is much more economical than a hotel. Condominiums like Park Apartments Beijing offer attractive fine living to the tenant. Searching for a suitable school is even more challenging and can be solved only by getting admission in international schools as Chinese system may be alien to expatriate children. However, such schools are many though not enough in industrial hubs like Beijing and Shanghai.

Multifarious problems faced by expatriate personnel and the crying need for the redressal of these difficulties have given rise to the emergence of consultancy companies that can handle and find the right solutions to such problems.Maxview Realty Company is a Beijing based, American funded enterprise that is into the business of making relocation strains less stressful for the HR managers and the employees. Though real estate is the core business, the company looks after almost all the needs of the expatriate worker thus giving the HR department breathing space.

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The company, based in Beijing and funded by US investors, has forayed into a wide range beijing park avenue of activities connected with the requirements of expatriate personnel apart from their core business interest which is realty.

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