02, December 2015: Sometimes finding the best roofing contractor means knowing what NOT to look for. That's the view of San Diego roofing expert and general contractor Marc Gieselmann of HK Construction, an A+ Rated member of the San Diego Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Nothing that there's a plethora of San Diego roofers to choose from, the HK Construction roofing expert is advising that each roofer should be considered on their individual merit. "Don’t jump on the lowest bid you get, because you often get what you pay for," said Gieselmann, who is head of HK Construction of San Diego, which is a general contractor company and new home builder provider which has extensive experience in all phases of construction, including roofing.

"Problems with unscrupulous roofers are plaguing unsuspecting San Diego home owners," said Gieselmann, who believes too many unsuspecting home owners are allowing themselves to fall for the first slick, fast talking roofer that shows up in an old beat up pickup truck full of low prices and tall promises.

Having identified the problem, Gieselmann has decided to help educate his San Diego clients about "how to not fall for these low-ball tricksters" by offering the following guidelines to help people access the effectiveness and reliability of their roofing provider so as to avoid contracting a bad San Diego roofer.

> Company History: How long have they been in business? Has it been under the same name for that entire period of time? Are they members of any trade associations or the Better Business Bureau?

> Responsiveness: When you called their office did someone answer the phone live or did you have to leave a message? Can they provide you with a time and day of when to schedule your estimate or will someone have to get back to you? Will they provide you with their email or cell phone? Open communication is essential when working on larger projects.

> Technology: What tools are they using to aid in the completion of your San Diego roofing project?

> References: At least 10 or more project specific references. Do they have any testimonials?

> Guarantees: Do they guarantee their work? Also, since your time is valuable, do they offer a date of completion guarantee?

By getting favorable answers to the probing questions as provided by HK Construction, one can go from unwary of bad roofers lurking in the shadows to shining a light on which roofer is best for your roofing repair or new roof construction project.

For further information about your roofing needs, please contact HK Construction for a free roofing repair or new roof estimate for your San Diego CA home or business. Visit http://hkremodel.com or call HK Construction San Diego at (858) 748-6580.