The experts from Gönningen when it comes to products for the planning, production, installation, and servicing of air duct systems, MEZ-TECHNIK air system products will once again set new standards in the field of air handling at this year's ISH aircontec (12.-16.03.2013, hall 11.1 booth B14) in Frankfurt a. M. with Swabian inventive talent and innovation.

Galvanized and paid as ordered?

When it comes to air duct systems and HVAC components made from galvanized steel, the quality and thickness of the zinc coating itself plays a major role in pricing of the end products, in addition to the thickness of the base material. This is due to the high percentage of the product material cost made up by the zinc coating. The coating also determines the longevity and resistance to atmospheric corrosion of the sheet metal parts. Despite this fact, the zinc coating of the supplied sheet metal or sheet metal components is only rarely checked nowadays, since there are very few standards or contract documents which reference this value. This approach can lead to unnecessary construction defects, costs, or disputes. MEZ-TECHNIK has recently added the MEZ-ZINC-TESTER to its product line in order to allow for fast, easy, and reliable testing of the zinc coatings. This electronic measurement device allows for precise, simple, and non-destructive measuring of the thickness layer on steel, ferrous, and non-ferrous metals over a measurement range of 0 — 2500 µm. This testing can be performed during the incoming goods inspection for galvanized precursor material and during the quality inspection of air duct components. Thanks to the compact design, rugged and durable construction, and a low weight of just 184 g (6,5 oz.), the MEZ-ZINC-TESTER is ideally suited for use in shops or at the construction site. The handy MEZ-ZINC-TESTER can be used to perform up to 70 measurements per minute. The integrated measurement value buffer stores up to 10.000 measured values and can analyse these immediately on site. In addition, the supplied public domain software can be used to very easily transfer the measured data to a PC via USB, and to create customized test certificates.

Say no to air leaks!

The air duct profile used in the production of air ducts is an important quality factor with regard to the leak tightness and therefore the energy efficiency of air ducts. Air duct profiles with moulded-in sealant have really established themselves on the market over the past few years. Within the framework of ISH aircontec, MEZ-TECHNIK will present the new sealant MEZ-BLUEMASTIC-GEL, which in the future will also be used for the air duct profile systems MEZ-SYPHON-FLANGE 128S, 138S and 148S which have proven themselves over many years and are now also tested for leak tightness class D. The MEZ-BLUEMASTIC-GEL is available in a variety of packages for use in air duct construction. The ready-to-use, water-resistant, and adhesive sealant provides corrosion protection (corrosion category 0), is temperature resistant from -30°C to 160°C, and thereby replaces MEZ-MASTIC D which has proven its worth for over 30 years. Like its predecessor, the MEZ-BLUEMASTIC-GEL meets the VDI 6022 and EN 15780 hygiene requirements and is available in 25 kg barrels and in 600 ml tubes. With regard to temperature resistance, durability, long-term flexibility, the excellent hygienic characteristic, and the air duct construction process itself, this innovative sealant offers clear advantages in comparison to the use of conventional sealants such as butylene or acrylene for the sealing of profiles and seams. MEZ-BLUEMASTIC-GEL can be processed very easily and sparingly with a compressed air gun to create a virtually “invisible” seam seal for all types of formed parts and ducts. In conjunction with the cooperation and development partner RAS Reinhardt Maschinenbau and selected mutual customers, MEZ-TECHNIK GmbH is also working on an injection system for the RAS-Ductzipper designed to work specifically with the MEZ-BLUEMASTIC-GEL. Using this device which can also be retrofit, the new sealant is injected directly into the lengthwise seam as it is closed, leaving no residue on either the machine or the component. A 5 to 6 times higher leak tightness is achieved along the lengthwise seam with this new injection method. This approach eliminates subsequent sealing of the seam, which would otherwise be essential in order to achieve leak tightness classes C & D. For air ducts which are contracted according to leak tightness class C and VDI 6022 or EN 15780, this method offers an additional advantage over conventional systems in that the seal is completely invisible and that the air duct therefore remains clean. When the system will be available has not been fully determined to date. However, RAS and MEZ-TECHNIK will continue to inform parties who are interested in this technology about the current development status in a timely manner.

Still completely clean?

In order to also ensure hygiene according to EN 15780 or VDI 6022 during transport of the ducts to the construction site and interruptions during installation, MEZ-TECHNIK is offering the self-adhesive foil MEZ-DUCT-WRAP as an alternative to its established and proven orange MEZ-DUCTCAP. This tough and universally useable self-adhesive foil allows you to create a dust-proof closure for air ducts, spiral seam pipes, and other HVAC components quickly and easily. The tough foil is attached by a contact adhesive and can be removed again without leaving any residue. Thus the use of MEZ-DUCT-WRAP can prevent contamination of HVAC components, so that these even meet the highest hygiene requirements such as those demanded by clean rooms or hospitals.

Hang them higher!

During the installation of air ducts, installation rails are required. Over the past few years, the dimensions 41/41 and 41/21 have increasingly established themselves in various markets. Therefore MEZ-TECHNIK will present the newly redesigned MEZ-DUCTSUPPORT MS rail program at ISH aircontec. In addition to the new mounting rails with material thicknesses of 2.0 and 2.5 mm in standard lengths of three and six meters, MEZ-TECHNIK is also offering numerous high quality and innovative accessories covering all air handling system installation requirements.

The new, universal steel cable system MEZ-ZIP-CLIP lends itself particularly well to installation of round ducts as an alternative to hangers and threaded rods, to the installation of heating systems in large halls, mounting of exhausts, or e.g. for the hanging of rail grids. This system is available in numerous standard lengths and versions from 10 to 230 kg, and is also offered by the meter with separately available steel cable locks. This system is very simple and flexible to use, resulting in low installation times which experts state can result in cost reductions of up to 30 %. The multi-talent MEZ-ZIP-CLIP, which among other things is TÃœV certified and which also doesn’t require any tools to open or adjust the fastener, also convinces insiders through its high degree of flexibility, ease of use, and versatile application possibilities.






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