China - How to maintain the tail pipes of cars? This should be a commonly problem for most of people who drive their cars frequently. Nowadays, the designer engineer from the Jingzhizhou Auto Accessories Co., Ltd which is the most professional manufacturer and supplier for Car Tail Pipes will introduce with people general knowledge about the maintaining for their tail pipes of car.

People should first note to prevent the water entering into the muffler. When people's cars are traveling on the road with deep water roads or washing in the environment with deep water, people should prevent the water inside the muffler. If the water careless enters into the exhaust mufflers, the care owner should immediately start the engine to heat the hot for at least 10 minutes and try their best to discharging the water inside the tail pipes. After the heating and discharging processes, the inside surface of the care muffler should be coated with the anti-rusty oil, which is very necessary.

If people want to coat the anti-rusty oil, they should firstly remove the muffler and then drainage the hole at the Central lowest position of muffler. After this previously step, people could add the anti-rusty oil at the connected position between the muffler and engine and then shake muffler to let rust oil evenly be covered into the cylinder. After this process, people could quickly install the whole components of the car exhaust mufflers.

After filling with the anti-rusty oil, people should start their car and then the temperature of the exhaust muffler will be gradually risen. The rising of the temperature will lead to the volatile of the anti-rusty oil and the car tail throats will produce blue smoke. However, blue smoke will disappear after traveling about 20 km. After the disappearance of blue smoke, the car owner could remove the obstruction in the drainage holes. People should regularly add the anti-rusty oil at every six months so that they could let this part of their cars have long service life.

Secondly, many people concern about problem of the muffler discoloration. When their cars encounter the situation of difficult to starting, first of all, people should close the choke and then start the engine. However, after the starting of the engine, people should wait about 3 to 4 minutes and then timely open the choke. Do not start the engine for long period of time when the choke is closed, which cause the damage to the engine and muffler. Furthermore, people should be careful not to start the engine in high-speed situation for long time because the heating could let the surface color of the oil drains on the car tail pipes become yellow. In addition, when the muffler surface stick mud and dirt, it must first be cleared up so as not to affect its cooling function.

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