China - As the high price of the LED products such as the LED bulb, consumers should learn clearly about necessary selection knowledge about the LED products. Today, the professional editor from website which is the best manufacturer and supplier for LED lighting products will share three attentively points in the purchasing process of LED products with consumers.

First, consumers should be careful with the cheap price trap. In today¡¯s LED market, there are largely price differences between different kinds of LED light products. Two types of 2G11 LED tube with the same brightness and colors, the price can be differed into several times. This price gap is mainly reflected on the reliability and lumen of the LED lighting products and also on appearance of other properties. The chip size of low price LED lighting products is relatively small, the electrode of the LED lighting products is rough, material used for production is very poor and its resistance to electric current, temperature and humidity changes is also very poor. All of these adversely factors could lead to the faster light fading and the service life is very short. In that case, the pursuit of low-cost LED products could not be very good.

Secondly, people should carefully identify the relevant standards of the LED products such as LED R7S bulb . From the perspective of security, the LED product should comply with the relevant international and national standards. However, the LED manufacturers which could meet with the international safety certification are not many so that consumers need to carefully identify the authenticity of the certificate when they purchase the LED products. The manufacturer is the high quality Led bulb manufacturer which could fully meet with the international standards.

Thirdly, consumers should choose the LED R7S bulb with the constant current power supply. Consumers should know that the price difference of LED drive power resistors, capacitors, IC and other components are very widely. The design of programs and the reasonableness of the electric line layer of the entire power supply will directly affect the quality of the product. The driving power of some LED products has constant voltage but do not have constant current. The better extending of the service life of LED lamps must have constant current. So, when people are purchasing this product especially for high-power LED lights, they need to pay extra attention.

In summary, the price, related certification and the constant current should be mainly three points consumers need to pay extra attention in their purchasing process of Led products such as R7s LED bulb.

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