Newmarket, Ontario — Providing a wide range of specialized insurance services, PROfurâ„¢ is proud to promote the single and best insurance policy for business owners in the pet industry wanting to feel secure while engaging in their daily activities.

Established in 2006 by Keith Ingoe, a dog owner with strong insurance background who discovered the need for insurance services for pet care businesses , PROfurâ„¢ is the only specialized insurance broker providing coverage for kennel/boarding, daycare, or pet grooming, as well as for dog/cat sitters, therapists, trainers, and walkers.

PROfurâ„¢ insurance covers dog daycare, dog training, dog walking, dog grooming, pet sitting and pet therapy. The policy covers pet daycare, overnight care, indoor / outdoor play areas, food and treats supplied by the facility or the owners, dog walking for exercise, and merchandise retailing. For dog groomers, this insurance policy will protect their business against professional liability risks of grooming and expenses from accidental injury or loss of pets.

When it comes to pet sitters, PROfurâ„¢ insurance provides coverage for a broad range of liabilities including sitting of house pets, changing food and water, playtime and exercise, poop and scoop, cleaning litter boxes and administering medication as directed by the pet owner or vet as well as accidental injury or loss of pets. The types of services that it covers are sitting of traditional house pets, changing food and water, playtime and exercise, overnight sitting, and administering medication as directed by the pet owner or vet.

For pet therapists, PROfurâ„¢ covers treatments for dogs and cats suffering from fear, pain or discomfort, by acupressure, reiki, colour therapy, massage, and others. Dog trainers require specialized insurance for accidental injury or loss of dogs in their care. PROfurâ„¢ insurance policy covers dog-training services: behaviour, obedience, puppy classes, sport, tricks, and others.

As for dog walkers, those providing these services require insurance to cover lost keys and lock replacement, bonding, pets transported, and accidental injury or loss of pets. Multi-service providers have no reason to worry: a combination of the insurance services mentioned above is available for their business.

PROfurâ„¢ insurance is perfect for those who want a complete coverage of their business and have peace of mind knowing their business is protected.

To learn more about PROfurâ„¢ insurance for pet care professionals and protect your pet care business with the best protection at a cost effective price, go to or call Toll-Free at 1-888-577-3210.

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