China - People’s demand for promotional gift item is not the same as different receipts and purpose. How can each company and privacy meet with these different demands? The answer is very simple. People need to know about the detailed classification about these custom baseball cap

The editor from famous China promotional stress ball supplier said that these custom gift could be totally classified into three categories according to different purposes and needs. These three categories are business gifts, the welfare gifts and market promotional gifts. However these gifts categories can also be further subdivided based on actual use.

These business gifts can be further subdivided into iconic gifts, commemorative gifts and communicative gift. The typically recipient of iconic object are these organizations and groups. These gifts need to consider the corporate culture and corporate image. The recipient of commemorative gift could be regarded as these active participants. These gifts could not only need to consider the activities of the subject but also consider the actually needs of personnel involved in the activities. These sending communicative gifts should also take into account these recipients’ personal preference.

Depending on the specific purposes, these welfare custom promotional gifts can also be divided into the recognition gift and the general welfare gifts. The main consideration for recognition gift could be regarded as the incentive for these employees so these gifts need to have collection and display properties. General welfare gift is mainly distributed to staff welfare which needs to consider the actual needs of employees and the relative usefulness is much higher than other gifts.

Depending different promotional purposes , all of these custom promotional gifts can be divided into advertising gifts, specific sending gifts and bonus gifts. All of these advertising gifts should mainly consider advertising effectiveness and dissemination of results. These specific sending gifts need to consider corporate brand strategy, product strategy, product relevance, consumer layering, consumers gift needs, competitive analysis, promotional activities and many other factors which all must be involved in. These bonus gifts like these mall gift products which need to be diversity enough.

Thus, the suitable choice for these promotional gifts needs to have the professional demand analysis which is a complex and professional market behavior. In the process of need analysis, it needs the support of large information and experience. Therefore, companies need to choose the professional gift supplier such as which will provide the professional marketing consultants.


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