Black Messiah Shares God’s Message and Plan to Bring the Black Race out of Slavery in America and Back to the Promised Land


TEXAS — On the heels of multiple deaths of Negroes at the hands of the police and the swelling of the Black Lives Matter movement, Prophet Travis Refuge has been called to share a message of deliverance and a stern warning to the Nations of the World. In his recent book release, “The Hebrew Israelite Manifesto: Operation, Let My People Go!” Refuge details God’s message and plan to bring the Black race out of 400 years of slavery in America and back to the Promised Land of Israel in fulfillment of the Scriptures.

“America is facing Civil War and complete annihilation for what she has done to Negroes/Israel,” said Prophet Travis Refuge. “God has give me a message of deliverance, and a message for those calling themselves Jews who are occupying the Promised Land of Israel. They are Gentile counterfeit imposters pretending to be the true Israel who are really the Negroes.”

Refuge, also known as King David, is a key leader of the Hebrew Israelite Nation and is recognized as the Black Messiah. He was ordained as a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in 1990 after 15 years of service under a mentor pastor. He has trained in the School of the Prophets and studied kingdom operations, strategic planning, execution in government and world conquest warfare.

After 40 years of preparation and a 40 day and night fast, God released Refuge to fulfill his calling and destiny to be sent as a Joshua to bring Israel back to the Promised Land, which will be the only safe zone as God pours out his wrath on the nations of the world. It was after this fast that he penned “The Hebrew Israelite Manifesto: Operation, Let My People Go” which offers a detailed and divine plan for the end of times for God’s chosen people and the church.

The 324-page manifesto issues a stern warning to readers that the Nations of the World are facing imminent judgment, and urges Negroes to begin immediate preparation to leave the United States.

The paperback edition of “The Hebrew Israelite Manifesto” currently retails for $30.99 on More information about Refuge and the Hebrew Israelite Nation is available at Additional resources and teachings are available on the organization’s blog at and on King David’s Google Plus page.

Organization: Hebrew Israelite Nation
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