Global spiritual leader, Shareese Simmons, is bringing her message of positivity and healing to Atlanta for two days at the Omni CNN

(August 11, 2015 - Atlanta, GA) Women in Atlanta, Georgia have an opportunity to connect with renowned spiritual leader and prophetess Shareese Simmons.  The two day conference will take place at the Omni CNN on September 11th and 12th, with a special 9/11 tribute kicking off the event.

Women in the Atlanta & Birmingham area, are encouraged to register for this event, which focuses on inspiring and energizing the female spirit in a supportive and empowering manner. The event will also feature other spiritual leaders and National Influencers who will share personal stories of challenges, faith, and perseverance.

“The 5 Star City Tour, which is what these empowerment sessions are all part of, focuses on women. We are pleasers. We self- sacrifice. We put others ahead of our dreams. God has given us gifts to shine, not self-oppress, which is the main focus on the Atlanta session. We are helping women across the United States, not only recognize their dreams but realize them too,” exclaimed Shareese Simmons.

Local celebrities will attend the event, too. Additionally, Atlanta is the only city right now with an ADDED TICKET BONUS. The bonus  is an added Business  panel, which helps women entrepreneurs learn "How To Start A Company"  " How To Build A Successful Brand" "How To Self-Publish A Book " and  transition the religious market into a largely sector business to consumer environment.

“I help empower women. They leave each one of our tour stops ready to use their faith as a way to drive themselves forward. They open businesses and employee others, all of which creates an Eco cycle on a local level. We focus on the women who learn to focus on themselves who in turn help build up communities,” finished Simmons.

Mrs. Simmons has written a number of well-received books, including the wildly popular, ‘Women Be Healed & Made Whole’. In addition to writing, she shares her talents, as the founder of Author's Academy, where she works with aspiring authors in ministry to develop and publish their own books.

Members of the media are invited to witness the Prophetess and other panelist throughout this two-day Power Packed Conference by Contacting ThinkZILLA PR Group- Email [email protected]

About Sharese Simmons: Shareese Simmons is many things, an advocate for the word of God, a businesswoman, a professional family crisis coach, an in-demand speaker, and spiritual trailblazer. She works tirelessly to preach the word of God, and help others improve their quality of life. In addition to working as the leader and driving force behind The 5 Star Woman Tour  and Destiny Global Leadership Institute and Destiny  Global publishing, Mrs. Simmons is a dedicated mother of seven, and happily married wife to Apostle Calvin Simmons.
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