USA; 08/14/2013: The advent of the Internet has been a boon and made availing any kind of information simple, easy, and quick. Moreover, millions of people from across the world use this medium to transact using their personal information, such as bank details or credit card details. However, technical development brings with it an increasing number of fraudulent practices. One of the most dangerous and increasing threats for online users is identity theft, which can cause severe damage to an individual. Therefore, most Internet users are looking for effective methods to prevent such frauds and safeguard their sensitive information. 

The LifeLock system is an excellent choice and helps protect your personal information using a five-point plan. As soon as a person completes successful registration, the network commences the monitoring procedure for possible threats against his or her information. The company uses a proprietary technique to search on the illegal websites that may misuse the personal information of clients. In the event that the service provider comes across possible misuse or theft of your sensitive data, it immediately notifies the client through email, call, or text messaging. The company also offers a one million dollar service guarantee to hire professional experts like lawyers, consultants, and investigators to assist clients in recovering the stolen information. Lastly, the company assists clients in tracking their credit scores through continuous monitoring across all the different bureaus. 

Another feature of this system is the automatic opting out choice from pre-approved credit card promotional offers. This prevents thieves and fraudulent people from availing credit cards using your personal information. Moreover, LifeLock will place fraud alerts o credit reports on behalf of enrolled clients reducing your efforts. In case of wallet or purse thefts, the company assists clients in retrieving its contents that can greatly benefit the individuals. Moreover, if your identity is stolen and any modifications are made to the address details, users will receive alerts notifying such changes, which can prevent significant damage to the individuals. 

Users will receive a welcome email within forty eight hours of successful enrollment detailing all the features and benefits. Users can use the member signing in portal to view the alerts that may have been provided by the company in case any threat was detected. Moreover, the enrolled clients will receive monthly updates on the robustness of their identity protection. Users also receive news updates on any scams or breaches that may have been reported. Registered individuals can seek assistance from the friendly customer service executive twenty-four hours seven days a week to maximize their user experience. You can find more information at . 

One drawback of registering with LifeLock and using their services to protect your identity is delays in credit approval. The reason is because the lending institutions need to check an additional resource to ensure you are actually applying for the loan that causes the delays. Moreover, users may be limited in the use of certain online credit management services because of the fraud alerts sent by the system. Nonetheless, the system is beneficial in protecting your identity while not causing financial difficulties for the users. 

About LifeLock: 

The LifeLock identity theft is an advanced Internet surveillance system protecting registered users from possible damages. Users receive alerts, regular updates, and continued customer support to ensure they do not fall victim to the potential threats of having their identities stolen. 

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