October 7, 2013— PlayStation Vita is an outstanding invention by Sony Electronics, which is known for its quality and pioneering products in the PlayStation arena and even otherwise. The PS Vita is the latest portable and compact gaming device that has been launched in the market recently. The device is feature-packed and exhibits an array of exciting new qualities to look out for. Unlike other portable gaming devices, this one is high on the social circuit, too, apart from its core function i.e. gaming.

The main highlights of the PS Vita include:-

- Sharp and brilliant vivid color display
- Integration with the PS network that will enable players to join in any Minis, PS, PSOne and so on.
- Comfortable to hold in spite of its bigger size
- Friendly user control with dual joysticks
- Incorporation of the social networks like FB, Twitter, Skype and so on
- PS Vita enables players to come together with WiFi and GPS with the Near app.
- Cross play technology for cross platform playing

PS Vita is far superior to all its predecessors in every feature department possible with an array of new and exciting features. One of it is definitely the Near app that is distinct to PS Vita alone that enables the PS Vita players in the same region to come together so that they can enjoy playing or socializing with the help of WiFi and GPS. The battery will last for 3-5 hours while playing games and if you use it as a music device then it will last for 9 hours. But the best part is that it gets charged in 2 hours 40 minutes from completed depleted state to 100%.

“I pre ordered the PS Vita as I am a big fan of the Sony PlayStations and was so contented with the powerful performance of this super portable device.” Says James L. (a satisfied PS Vita’s user).

Sony is a celebrated company in the PlayStation market and has earned the respect from its users across the globe. With the PS Vita it attempts to give its fans the freedom to experience the details of the console on a handy portable gaming device.

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