Video game fanatics went into frenzy at the announcement of the Play Station Jailbreak because it was one of the world’s first Play Station 3 USB supported solution that allows plug and play to the user. It allows third party applications to be loaded into the USB. This USB is small enough to be fitted into the front of one’s Play Station 3 console which will automatically unlock it allowing unsigned homebrew apps to be played through the same device. The device is versatile enough to support all registered PS3 models currently available in the market.

The great feature about PS3 Jailbreak is that it extends the life of the console because with such great features the user does not find the need to use the disc very often. It also allows tremendous opportunities for third party applications. This PS jailbreak USB installs within 60 seconds with the GUI that will provide step by step guide. It is compatible with all models including SLIM and FAT including brands from other countries like Japan, Korea, China, USA, Germany, etc. when you are plugged into the PS3 Jailbreak USB, it will block all forced software updates which will get in the way of the functioning software while at the same time it supports all games. Players can copy the games in PS3 Jailbreak into a hard drive allowing much more flexibility of usage unlike the other models.

In order to eliminate glitches and lags to enjoy a smoother game play, it is advised that one should play backups off the hard disc. This should be done twice as faster than playing backups off the blue ray drive. The Play Station 3 Jailbreak opens up you console to a whole new level of homebrew apps. One can easily load off the homebrew apps from any USB flash drive. To get more information on this please go to


The website allows free downloads of PS3 Jailbreak within a minute. It provides a 100 per cent trusted version that has been downloaded and tested by fans across the globe.