Whenever throwing a party, we find ourselves in a terrible dilemma: what should we go for, punch recipes or cocktail recipes? After all, we are not even sure about the main differences in between these two popular drinks. To our knowledge, both can contain alcohol and fruit juice, so where should we draw the line? Read on and your options will become more than obvious.


Judging by book, the term of punch defines an overwhelming range of mixed drinks, which may or may not include alcohol, as previously stated. The central ingredient however will remain the fruit juice or the fruits themselves. With a history dating back since the 17th century and Indian origins, these recipes have won the hearts of millions of people from around the world. You must have seen so far the popular huge punch bowl at tens of parties!


On the other hand, the term of cocktail is used to describe another mixed drink, predominantly relying on alcohol, even though there are quite a few assortments without alcohol. Nevertheless, rules say that a true cocktail must have minimum three types of ingredients: a spirit, a sour or bitter one and a sweetener.  As opposed to our first option, these are provided through small servings, typical glasses that allow various decors.


So far, you do not have to look for punch recipes or for cocktail recipes in order to understand the major differences. Punch is lighter and softer and it can be consumed in large quantities, while one or two cocktails can make you a little dizzy, especially if you are not a long distance runner. Both of them support variations that make us think they can easily blend, but even so, one cannot deny their essence.


Speaking of innovations, bear in mind that you can joggle with quantities and come up with some interesting recipes. Consequently, a special cocktail may end up served in a large glass container and a punch can be enlightened in a traditional glass with a floral or fruity decor. Bubbling spritzers consisting from strawberry Margarita are quite a special treat for a torrid summer afternoon, provided you remember to stick with the glass, not with the bowl!


Continuing our examples list, we suggest you: cava sangria with fresh strawberries; a combo of blackberries, cucumber and fresh mint; another margarita recipe made of mint and watermelon; a twitched version of mojito with tequila instead of rum; or a grapefruit-tequila combo. All these are great to add on your cocktail recipes list.


A mixture of white cranberry juice with cherry drink and other red fruits is definitely a special serving. Alternatively, you could try a kinky mixture of beer, raspberry lemonade, lime and lemon slices plus vodka. Or a sangria with raspberries and peaches, suggestions more appropriate to include among punch recipes. The more ingredients you have to use, with or without alcohol, the closer you are getting to the traditional punch and you will need a large bowl to prep it. If you only play with three ingredients, do it in a stylish glass and set up a great looking cocktail.



Start looking for online punch recipes and cocktail recipes and throw an unforgettable party! Drinks are the heart and soul!